Life Festival Outlet

Welcome to Life Festival Outlet, a permanent retail outlet market built in each Asmyca home arts store where where you can find all the selected fine quality local made products all in one place.

As we all know that Dahlonega is one of the most visited tourist town here in Georgia, due to its historical past, beautiful sceneries, recreational places and multiple vineyards and wineries which attracts tourists from all over America which makes business here good all the time. So we made plans to create a special place where all the tourist can come in one place to find all of the finest products that local enterpreneurs from Georgia has to offer. We welcome all the vendors to come and join us on our special project where your selected products will represent all the different types of categories and will be set to be displayed all year round.

Here are the terms and conditions and the special privileges that you will enjoy when you collaborate with Asmyca.

1. Asmyca provides an attractive rental packages to the first batch of the selected vendors.
NO base rent for the store space for the first year, charges only 30% of gross sales for the year of 2018.

2.Asmyca will make assignment of the space guided by product category, maintaining a proper classification of product, and a uniform appearance of display, Asmyca reserve the right to rearrange the floor plan and / or relocate any vendor.

3. Each vendor present the best of their collection, however Asmyca reserve the right for professional correction proposed by its product manager.

4. Term – contract renewed annually, Asmyca & Vendor both reserve the right for not continuing the said contract.

5. Store attendance – Vendor has option to go with or without store care, however to attend at least once a week or twice a month set by management is required.

6. Product supply – Vendor should keep its product supplied sufficiently at all time.

7. Store hours – General store hours planned per season, Special store hour planned per each unique product & service.

8. Dahlonega festival outlet is operated as a full function retail store opened all year around.

9. Sales receiving through Asmyca central receiving desk, fund released once a week to vendor.

10. Asmyca collect and pay sales tax on behalf of each vendor.

11. Vendor response for the product’s rights and safety on each product they sell here.

If you are interested to come and join us to create this one stop shop haven,
Please download and fill up our
Application and Contract for Retail Space
To send to: Email: or Fax: 706 867 9141

A bright future for us to move forward together

A brilliant idea & successful kick off of Dahlonega Georgia Life Festival outlet, We will continue and extend the success to next beautiful tourist town in Georgia, A bigger & better Georgia life festival shopping mall will be expected this coming Fall season of 2018 so we will be able to host more quality Georgia made product to the place, so if you are not into Dahlonega market place this time, we will work hard to bring you into a bigger and better one soon., and thank you for most of your support to this wonderful project.

If you need have further inquiries about participating with Georgia Life Festival, please contact us at 404 790 3463 Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 6 :00 pm, or email us at :